Simple 2 Lose

Rating: 10/10

You’ve probably heard the radio commercials that emphasize the a total solution that focuses on the outcome rather than the problem. Simple2lose is the complete diet program that focuses on the outcome rather than the problem. We built this review site so people could understand the benefits of certain diets. We also wanted to show people the fraud diet solutions that are provided, often via media outlets.

The Simple2Lose diet program is a very worth-while diet program. It holds the same beliefs we have when it comes to a full diet and lifestyle program. We don’t want people to be duped by following a fad-diet. The Simple to Lose diet program is not just a fad, rather it follows the virtually the same principles that the Take Shape for Life (TSFL)program does. Only the Simple2lose brand is Bryan Drollinger’s personal business based on the same TSFL principles that the Medifast complete diet solution offers.

Check out our review of the Take Shape for Life program and even go to their websites ( or for more information regarding these two wonderful, and healthy lifestyle change programs.


Simply because the “Simple2lose” diet program is based on the founding principle of the Take Shape for Life program, we believe you will not go wrong with this diet solution. One thing to consider when deciding to go to the main take shape for life program vs the Simple2Lose program, is the level of compassion your personal coach will have. One of the things the founder of has iterated, is the realization that people need the compassion and understanding of a loving and caring coach.